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It couldn’t be simpler – join now and start saving

Starting your NEW Lifestyle plan couldn’t be easier. Speak to your Financial
Adviser - they will discuss your current situation and take you through the
simple steps needed to get your account up and running.

  • You will need to fill out the Client Test. This helps us to determine your risk profile.
  • Then together with your financial adviser you can define your overall financial goals, the time period in which you would like to achieve them and which option best suits your needs: investment or retirement.
  • Then, based on your current financial situation, you can choose an amount to invest regularly.
  • Provide us with any information required under relevant legislation, to allow you to set up your investment account.
  • Fill in the NEW Lifestyle Investment Account Application Form.
  • Once your account is established you can make your initial payment and start investing regularly.

Investment Calculator

Simply enter your details to find out what amount you might expect NEW Lifestyle to return at the end of your investment term.
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