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Unique Choice

NEW Lifestyle is the only investment plan offering you a choice of either a Regular Investment Plan with fixed maturity or a Retirement Plan with regular payments after retirement.

Maximum flexibility means you can meet all your Lifestyle needs

With NEW Lifestyle you get to change the amount and frequency of investment at any time to suit your situation.

Investor Protection

You’ll be investing with the extra security that comes from knowing that you are investing with a fully MiFID compliant company that is regulated and licensed within the European Union. MiFID (the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) governs the regulation of investment services within the European Economic Area and is designed to create harmonization across jurisdictions, protect investors, increase efficiency and enhance financial transparency.

You’ll also benefit from 100% segregation of assets with separate accounting and holding of company and client assets (including cash). Your money never appears on the balance sheets of NEW Lifestyle’s administrator, collecting bank or investment manager.

NEW Lifestyle operates under a system of independent internal controls as well as obligatory auditing by an independent auditor and mandatory reporting on a daily and monthly basis to the financial authorities.


NEW Lifestyle allows a contribution to be made to loved ones left behind if you should pass away before your investment term ends.

Investment Calculator

Simply enter your details to find out what amount you might expect NEW Lifestyle to return at the end of your investment term.
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